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Special Edition Gradulting Workshop in recognition of
 - Graduate Student Appreciation Week -

Salary Negotiations

What will affect your financial situation more than any other factor is not how many (or how few) coffee lattes you buy, but how much you earn.  While negotiating a salary and benefits package may seem scary, employers expect you to negotiate.  Learn and practice the art of negotiation so that you strike the best deal possible with your future employer.

speaker: Susan Martin, Ed.D., Program Director of Professional and Career Development at UMD's Graduate School
date: Tuesday, April 2nd
time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm, FREE buffet lunch at 12:00pm
location: STAMP, Benjamin Banneker Room, #2212

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Since seating is limited for this event, a reservation is required. 
Reservations will be confirmed via email.   


GLAO's Mission

The Graduate Student Legal Aid Office provides a wide range of free and confidential legal services to the University of Maryland College Park graduate students who are enrolled and have paid the student fee.  This service is funded by graduate student fees allocated by the Graduate Student Government.  Our mission is to meet the critical legal needs of our diverse graduate student population in a culturally competent, compassionate and supportive setting.  

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Not a UMD-College Park Grad Student?

UMD-CP undergraduate students can obtain legal services at the Undergraduate Legal Aid Office.

Not a UMD student?  There are local public legal aid offices that may be able to assist you.  Check out our Resources page.

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