Graduate Student Legal Aid offers weekly one-hour workshops on Tuesday afternoons or evenings throughout the semester on a variety of topics important to graduate students, ie. Adulting 101.  Registration opens one week before each workshop, and the link will be posted on the home page.  If you would like to receive a weekly email announcement for the upcoming workshops, please sign-up for our List-Serv.   

Fall 2018 Workshops

September 11th, 12:30pm, Grad Student Do’s and Don’t’s
Learn from fellow graduate students and the Office of Student Conduct about the most common mistakes made by grad students and how to avoid them.
Speakers: GLAO's Graduate Student Advocates and James Bond, Assistant Director of the Office of Student Conduct

September 18th, 12:30pm, Maryland Driver’s License
Whether you are an international student or from out-of-state, learn what it takes to get a Maryland driver’s license.
Speaker: Zac Mundy, GLAO Director/Attorney and Ann Marie Haley, Motor Vehicle Administration

September 25th, 5:00pm, Plagiarism Prevention
Learn about the most common types of plagiarism and explore the best practices in citation and the ethical and appropriate use of sources.
Speaker: Linda Macri, UMD Writing Center

October 2nd,  12:30pm, Auto & Renters Insurance
If you drive a car or rent an apartment make informed choices about what insurance coverage is best for you.
Speaker: Kejuna Walton, MD Insurance Commission
Link to handouts can be found here.

October 16th, 12:30pm, Car Buying & Car Care
Learn how to buy and finance a new or used car, choose a repair shop, and keep your car running smoothly. 
Speakers: Sharon Margolis and Doug Numbers, Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection

October 23rd, 12:30pm, Self-Sponsorship for a U.S. Green Card
Join GLAO's immigration attorney for more information on this topic and get your other immigration-related questions answered. 
Speaker: Patricia Minikon, Esq., Minikon Law, LLC.

October 30th, 12:30pm, Health Insurance
Learn the ins and outs of health insurance including why you need it, how to get it and the different types of coverage.  
Speaker: Dr. Dylan Roby, UMD School of Public Health

November 6th, 12:30pm, Financial Planning
Break out of living paycheck to paycheck and get some guidance on how to develop good money habits and build your savings.
Speaker: Cassie Costin, SECU

November 13th, 5:00pm, Police Encounters
Encounters with the police can be stressful and even frightening. Learn what rights you have and get advice for dealing with police officers in various situations.
Speaker: Robinson Rowe, Esq.

December 4th, 12:30pm, Developing a Business Plan
Thinking of starting a business?  Learn more about why you need a business plan, how to make one and how to use it.  
Speaker:  Holly DeArmond, Robert H. Smith School of Business, UMD

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