Fall Courses

HESI 217: Introduction to Student Leadership

Introduction to leadership theories, concepts, and skills. Completion of personal and leadership self-assessments, values exploration, and small group application.


HESI 220: Adaptive Strategies for Multicultural Leadership and Dialogue

As U.S. society becomes increasingly complex along multiple and continually evolving dimensions of individual and group identities, successful leaders will benefit from learning adaptive strategies and practices that will help them to navigate this complexity and adapt effectively in a climate of constant change. This class will focus on specific strategies, concepts, and insights for successful leadership and dialogue in twenty-first century U.S. multicultural society.

HESI 315: Student Leadership in Groups and Organizations

Acquiring and integrating leadership knowledge within group and organizational contexts so that students can navigate organizational environments and apply leadership in diverse communities of practice and career contexts.

HESI 318J: Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and Sports

This course will use a variety of experiential, hands-on activities to encourage you to interact with other classmates, the material presented in class and in the readings. This will allow you to truly understand the concepts and help shape your understanding of leadership and teams through sports. Your ability to think more critically about the culture of sports and how the leadership lessons learned through participation have influenced your own definition of leadership are goals of the class.

HESI 386: Experiential Learning

This course is designed to give academic credit to Teaching Assistants for co-facilitating and lecturing in HESI 217. The goals of this experience are to aid instructors in developing materials and lesson plans for each discussion session, increase experience and learning related to teaching and to provide student peers with enhanced learning environments.

HESI 417: Advanced Leadership Seminar

Students will analyze and synthesize the concept of leadership using cultural, ethical, sociological, historical perspectives. Exploration and reflection of personal values, decision making, in-depth analysis on various leadership activities. Theories will be emphasized.

HESI 418A: Special Topics in Leadership; Asian American Leadership

We will explore how racism, history, and society have interacted to shape leaders and focus on critical issues facing APA student activists/leaders to help develop leadership, activism and managerial skills.

HESI 418D: Special Topics in Leadership; Leadership and Ethnicity

HESI 418F: Special Topics in Leadership; Jewish Leadership

This course will offer students the opportunity to critically examine leadership and leadership identity development in relation to Jewish culture and identity. We will also explore how Jewish culture and ethnicity influence leadership styles and the role that leadership has played within Jewish history.

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