Global Leadership Opportunities - Spring 2019

Applied Contextual Leadership; Global Leadership in a Virtual Context (HESI318I) 


Course Description: This course is a global learning experiment that joins students and faculty from the University of Maryland and Hong Kong Polytechnic University in a virtual, interactive environment. Students will explore the role of socially responsible leadership in a global context in response to the question, “How do we learn to understand, examine, and address complicated global problems while working with highly diverse groups of people and perspectives?”.


This course uses a selected global issue as a means to explore the complexity of the issue and develop understanding of and leadership skills in diverse, multicultural and global environments. Students will learn and work virtually with international partners to explore and critically examine the issue and present briefings on the various challenges, options and views surrounding it. As a final project, students will apply problem-solving skills and use their personal, acquired, and co-constructed knowledge about leadership, intercultural competencies and the global issue to respond to a live case study with recommendations for stakeholders.

Throughout this course, students will:

  • recognize their own mental models and assumptions about leadership.
  • collectively work with diverse others to develop a shared definition of socially responsible leadership.
  • effectively interact in virtual spaces and productively apply digital technologies in group processes.
  • apply intercultural competencies when engaging with cross-cultural and cross-institutional peers.
  • use written and verbal methods of communication to analyze and describe complex social issues from local, national and international points of view.
  • identify strategies and provide recommendations for leadership challenges to address a global issue.


How is the class formatted? The class format will be blended.  Most course activities will be conducted online, but students will be expected to meet in person 6 times out of the semester.  During these sessions, students will interact and learn with students and faculty from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in a virtual classroom environment.   


When will we meet?

  • Feb 1st 6:00-9:30pm
  • Feb 15 6:00-9:30pm
  • Feb 22 6:00-9:30pm
  • March 1 6:00-9:30pm
  • March 8  6:00-9:30pm
  • April 5:  6:00-9:30pm  


Why Friday night? Students at Hong Kong Polytechnic University meet for class on Saturday mornings.  Due to the time differences between the US and Hong Kong (12 hours) this was the best meeting time for the three of us!


What will we do in-between meetings? Outside of our 6 meeting times, course activities will be conducted online.  You will complete weekly modules with readings and other interactive learning materials through Canvas/ELMS.  On occasion you will be prompted to interact virtually with others in the class on your own. 


If you have additional questions, please contact instructor Anne Spear (


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