HESI Leadership Electives

HESI Leadership Electives include courses that explore a variety of leadership topics, considerations, and applications.


HESI 220: Adaptive Strategies for Multicultural Leadership & Dialogue As U.S. society becomes increasingly complex along multiple and continually evolving dimensions of individual and group identities, successful leaders will benefit from learning adaptive strategies and practices that will help them to navigate this complexity and adapt effectively in a climate of constant change.  This class will focus on specific strategies, concepts, and insights for successful leadership and dialogue in Twenty-First Century U.S. multicultural society


HESI 221: Leadership, Power, & Privilege Critical analysis of social issues, contemplative practice, and dialogue are used to examine how power and privilege operate at individual, institutional, and societal levels to impact leadership perceptions and behaviors.


HESI 318A: Leadership in Film (ONLINE) This online course asks students to think about leadership in a new way by finding leadership lessons from film. This course will ask students to watch a number of films (including some documentaries) and connect each of the films to leadership readings and personal experience.


HESI318C: Applied Contextual Leadership: The Principles of Personal Excellence (Personal Leadership) The objective of this course will be to provide a comprehensive toolkit that students can use within any Meaningful Life Arena (MLA) for life-long personal leadership development and self-coaching.


HESI318I: Applied Contextual Leadership; Global Leadership in a Virtual Context Most course activities will be conducted online, but students will be expected to meet in person 6 times out of the semester. During these sessions, students will interact and learn with students and faculty from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Royal University of Phnom Penh (Cambodia) in a virtual classroom environment.


HESI318J: Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and Sports This course will use a variety of experiential, hands-on activities to encourage you to interact with other classmates, the material presented in class and in the readings. This will allow you to truly understand the concepts and help shape your understanding of leadership and teams through sports. Your ability to think more critically about the culture of sports and how the leadership lessons learned through participation have influenced your own definition of leadership are goals of the class.


HESI318M: Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and Education This course will explore public education policy in the United States, including historical context, No Child Left Behind legislation, the achievement gap, school funding, standardized testing, and alternatives to the current public education system. It will also explore the meaning of leadership in an educational context and advocacy for change within this context.


HESI318W: Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and the Workplace An exploration of leadership theory and practice in the workplace: leadership versus management, ethics in the workplace, leadership in groups, teamwork, and practical application of leadership models. Students enrolled in the course must have a job (and job setting) to participate in the course fully.


HESI318Z: Applied Contextual Leadership; Socially Responsible Leadership and Internship Restricted to students selected to participate in the Work 4 Change program, connecting students with internships in community agencies to theories of socially responsible leadership. Students will be assisted in locating internship opportunities.


HESI320: Social Action Seminar (2 credits) and HESI321: Advanced Social Action Seminar (1credit) The use of leadership theories to inform the practice of addressing social issues in society, on campus, or within the surrounding community. Students will: identify a current and compelling social issue; explore the historical, social and political aspects of social issues; identify and select applicable leadership theories to  confront the social issue; create and develop a plan that integrates leadership theories and the social issue; and implement and evaluate the overall social action project. 


HESI418A: Special Topics in Leadership; Asian American Leadership We will explore how racism, history, and society have interacted to shape leaders and focus on critical issues facing APA student activists/leaders to help develop leadership, activism and managerial skills.


HESI418B: Special Topics in Leadership; Black Student Leadership This course will examine leadership from the perspective of the African American experience. Specifically, we will explore the concept and differing meanings of “leader and leadership” within the African-American community in the United States. Issues of leaders and leadership will be examined as influenced by political, cultural, and historic events. The course will place particular emphasis on colleges and universities as a microcosm of the larger society and as a cultural site for exploring and assessing issues of African American leadership.


HESI418C: Special topics in Leadership; Latino Leadership This course will offer students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of leadership through a Latin@ context. The class explores social and cultural consciousness, critically analyzes leadership theories, and identifies methods of social change from social movements and Latin@ experiences.


HESI418D: Special Topics in Leadership; Leadership and Ethnicity This special topics and leadership course will address a single topic related to leadership through the semester. In-depth study and analysis on the topic will be the basis for the course. Topics include gender and leadership, ethics and leadership, and culture and leadership. Leadership will serve as the foundation in the course. 


HESI 418E: Strengths-Based Leadership (ONLINE) Effective leadership practice through emphasis on strengths development is the goal of this online class.  Using the Gallup Organization's StrengthsFinder Assessment, students will explore their personal strengths and learn how to build strengths-based teams for group leadership. Themes of teamwork, problem-solving, coaching others, and conflict resolution are woven throughout the course.


HESI418F: Special Topics in Leadership; Jewish Leadership This course will offer students the opportunity to critically examine leadership and leadership identity development in relation to Jewish culture and identity. We will also explore how Jewish culture and ethnicity influence leadership styles and the role that leadership has played within Jewish history.


HESI418G: Special Topics in Leadership; Women’s Leadership The primary goal is for students to develop an understanding of women’s leadership and women’s ways of influencing organizations. The course will rely heavily on the idea that you must know yourself first before you explore how “you” fit into the organization and how that organization fits into a broader context. 


HESI418I: LGBTQ Leadership This course demonstrates how the Social Change model of leadership helps create major social change and personal growth. Emphasis is placed on queer identities and their intersections with concepts of race, class, religion, gender identity, and other areas of social privilege. This course is a participatory, action-oriented course in which students develop and demonstrate communication skills for engaging within and across social identities as active participants.


HESI418K: Leadership and the Multiracial Experience This course will offer you the opportunity to explore leadership in connection with multi racial/ethnic/cultural identity and experiences utilizing an interdisciplinary narrative approach (i.e. storytelling).


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