Spring Courses

HESI217: Introduction to Student Leadership

Introduction to leadership theories, concepts, and skills. Completion of personal and leadership self-assessments, values exploration, and small group application.

HESI220: Introduction to Human Diversity in Social Institutions

This highly-interactive format focuses on individual and social identities in the U.S., group differences and intergroup relations, systems of privilege and oppression, and advocacy for social justice. Topics will include diversity related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, (dis)ability, and religion. Course fulfills CORE requirements in diversity, social/behavioral bases, and interdisciplinary study. Some sections restricted.

HESI310: Peer Counseling Theory and Skills

The theories and skills of peer helping relationships. Counseling theories and skills at a level appropriate for students seeking basic level training for use in peer counseling settings.

HESI315: Student Leadership in Groups and Organizations

Acquiring and integrating leadership knowledge within group and organizational contexts so that students can navigate organizational environments and apply leadership in diverse communities of practice and career contexts.

HESI318M: Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and Education

This course will explore public education policy in the United States, including historical context, No Child Left Behind legislation, the achievement gap, school funding, standardized testing, and alternatives to the current public education system. It will also explore the meaning of leadership in an educational context and advocacy for change within this context.

HESI318Z: Applied Contextual Leadership; Socially Responsible Leadership and Internship

Restricted to students selected to participate in the Work 4 Change program, connecting students with internships in community agencies to theories of socially responsible leadership. Students will be assisted in locating internship opportunities.

HESI386: Experiential Learning

This course is designed to give academic credit to Teaching Assistants for co-facilitating and lecturing in EDCP 470 & EDCP 217. The goals of this experience are to aid instructors in developing materials and lesson plans for each discussion session, increase experience and learning related to teaching and to provide student peers with enhanced learning environments.

HESI417: Leadership Minor Capstone

Students will analyze and synthesize the concept of leadership using cultural, ethical, sociological, historical perspectives. Exploration and reflection of personal values, decision making, in-depth analysis on various leadership activities. Theories will be emphasized.

HESI418B: Special Topics in Leadership; Black Student Leadership

This course will examine leadership from the perspective of the African American experience. Specifically, we will explore the concept and differing meanings of “leader and leadership” within the African-American community in the United States. Issues of leaders and leadership will be examined as influenced by political, cultural, and historic events. The course will place particular emphasis on colleges and universities as a microcosm of the larger society and as a cultural site for exploring and assessing issues of African American leadership.

HESI418C: Special topics in Leadership; Latino Leadership

This course will offer students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of leadership through a Latin@ context. The class explores social and cultural consciousness, critically analyzes leadership theories, and identifies methods of social change from social movements and Latin@ experiences.

HESI418F: Special Topics in Leadership; Jewish Leadership

This course will offer students the opportunity to critically examine leadership and leadership identity development in relation to Jewish culture and identity. We will also explore how Jewish culture and ethnicity influence leadership styles and the role that leadership has played within Jewish history.

HESI418G: Special Topics in Leadership; Women’s Leadership

The primary goal is for students to develop an understanding of women’s leadership and women’s ways of influencing organizations. The course will rely heavily on the idea that you must know yourself first before you explore how “you” fit into the organization and how that organization fits into a broader context. 

HESI418K: Special Topics in Leadership; Leadership and Intersecting Identities: Stories of the Multiracial/ethnic/cultural Experience

This course will offer you the opportunity to explore leadership in connection with multi racial/ethnic/cultural identity and experiences utilizing an interdisciplinary narrative approach (i.e. storytelling).

HESI489: Field Experiences in Counseling and Personnel Services

HESI498: Special Problems in Counseling and Personnel Services


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