Summer Courses

HESI217: Introduction to Student Leadership

Introduction to leadership theories, concepts, and skills. Completion of personal and leadership self-assessments, values exploration, and small group application.

HESI220: Introduction to Human Diversity in Social Institutions

This highly-interactive format focuses on individual and social identities in the U.S., group differences and intergroup relations, systems of privilege and oppression, and advocacy for social justice. Topics will include diversity related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, (dis)ability, and religion. Course fulfills CORE requirements in diversity, social/behavioral bases, and interdisciplinary study. Some sections restricted.

HESI318A: Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and Film

This course will ask students to watch a number of films (including some documentaries) and connect each of the films to leadership readings and personal experience.

HESI318C: Applied Contextual Leadership: The Principles of Personal Excellence (Personal Leadership)

The objective of this course will be to provide a comprehensive toolkit that students can use within any Meaningful Life Arena (MLA) for life-long personal leadership development and self-coaching.

HESI318W: Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and the Workplace

An exploration of leadership theory and practice in the workplace: leadership versus management, ethics in the workplace, leadership in groups, teamwork, and practical application of leadership models. Students enrolled in the course must have a job (and job setting) to participate in the course fully.

HESI386: Experiential Learning

This course is designed to give academic credit to Teaching Assistants for co-facilitating and lecturing in EDCP 470 & EDCP 217. The goals of this experience are to aid instructors in developing materials and lesson plans for each discussion session, increase experience and learning related to teaching and to provide student peers with enhanced learning environments.

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