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HESI 217: Introduction to Student Leadership (General Education: DSSP)  
This course will survey the study and practice of leadership and provide students with a variety of experiences to wrestle with large leadership questions. What is leadership? Who can be a leader? How is leadership an important aspect of understanding self and others? Students will respond to these questions by developing their own leadership philosophies throughout the course of the semester.  Students will explore leadership frameworks through in-class experiential exercises, individual reflection and group work.


HESI 318A: Leadership in Film (ONLINE)
This online course asks students to think about leadership in a new way by finding leadership lessons from film. This course will ask students to watch a number of films (including some documentaries) and connect each of the films to leadership readings and personal experience.


HESI 318F: Adventure Leadership in Patagonia
This expedition-style course is designed to introduce students to adventure recreation opportunities in Patagonia Chile while promoting leadership development. Through a nine day backpacking and camping trip in Torres del Paine National Park and a day kayaking trip along the ice fjords, students will be challenged to use their experiences as opportunities for inter- and intra-personal growth.


HESI 418E: Strengths-Based Leadership (ONLINE)
Effective leadership practice through emphasis on strengths development is the goal of this online class.  Using the Gallup Organization's StrengthsFinder Assessment, students will explore their personal strengths and learn how to build strengths-based teams for group leadership. Themes of teamwork, problem-solving, coaching others, and conflict resolution are woven throughout the course.


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