iMovie Video Instructions


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Upload a video in a format compatible with your version of iMovie.


Step 2: Save video under title you will be familiar with later.


Step 3: Now create a new project in which you will be able to edit your video under.


Step 4: Select the video from the event library at bottom, then select portions of video by dragging across the video from desired start to stop points.


Step 5: Drag this selection up into project area to begin video.


Step 6: Continue to add desired clips into project area in order of which the viewer will see them during final product.


Step 7: To make video look cleaner add titles and transitions in between or on top of video clips.


Step 8: Open inspector window and normalize clip volume to ensure consistent audio volume throughout project.


Step 9: Once product is complete, select export movie under the share drop down at top of screen.


Step 10: Create save title, select project size, and designate a location for project to be saved after being exported.

Step 11: Video is now ready to watch or be uploaded online.

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